Trade & Get iPhone Offer

Cappro FX values and rewards the loyalty and
sustained business of its clients.

We have specifically created our "Trade & Get iPhone" promotion, where existing and potential clients can avail this opportunity to get a FREE iPhone6Plus!

How you can avail this opportunity?

Simply open an account with us!

Every client will be automatically enrolled in this program upon opening their first trading account, simply email us when you have completed the set volume in order to get your new iPhone delivered to you immediately.

For further information or questions regarding this promotion, please feel free to email us at

This is just another testament to show our gratitude to our loyal clients.

Terms & Conditions apply for the Trade & Get iPhone Promotion!

Terms & Conditions

Cappro FX promotes the "Trade & Get iPhone" offer where existing and potential clients can get a free iPhone6s. For a Client to be eligible to obtain a FREE iPhone6s he/she has to meet, inter-alias, the following criteria:

Initial Single Deposit (in USD or equivalent) Round Turn Lot Traded
From $1,000 – $9,999 250 lots
$9,999 – $24,999 500 lots
Over $24,999 1,000 lots

imgDepending on the initial single deposit, the Client will need to complete different levels of Round Turn Standard Lots Traded in order to be eligible to receive an iPhone6s prize. A standard lot has a notional value of $100,000 or equivalent value in case of commodities and CFDs.

imgThe "Trade & Get iPhone" offer prize will be limited to one account per client. A client is eligible for only one promotion and cannot claim multiple promotions on his trading account.

imgThe "Trade & Get iPhone" prize will be mailed via post to the Client's registered mail address. The Client is solely responsible for any taxes, VAT, custom fees or any other expenses incurred on collecting from his local authorities, or service providers, the prize sent by Cappro FX.

imgThe Client may apply for only one Cappro FX promotional offer during the promotion period of the "Trade & Get iPhone" offer.

imgThe "Trade & Get iPhone" prizes will be mailed to eligible winners within six months from the date the Client becomes eligible for the prize.

imgCappro FX employees, Introducing Brokers and white labels cannot participate in this promotion.

imgTo claim the "Trade & Get iPhone" offer prize the Client needs to send an email via his registered email address to support@capprofx.comstating his trading account number and will be able to receive his/her prize as long as all conditions set in these terms and conditions are met accumulatively.

imgIf Cappro FX suspects or has reason to believe that a Client has abused or attempted to abuse the terms of this Offer then Cappro FX reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to take any appropriate action.

imgCappro FX reserves the right to unilaterally modify, change or terminate this Offer or any of the Terms and Conditions included herein, at any time, without the Client's consent.