How to participate champion program

1. Carefully read the below terms and conditions

2. For new traders signup here

3. Verify your account

3. Fund your account through Crypto

4. Inform via Chat (Telegram)

5. Start trading




These CAPPROFX General Terms and Conditions (the "GTC") govern rights and obligations in connection with the use of services provided by CAPPROFX Evaluation Global s.r.o. (the "Services"), offered mainly through the website (the "Website"). Please read these GTC carefully. You are under no obligation to use the Services if you do not agree or understand any portion of these Terms, nor should you use the Services unless you understand and agree to these Terms.


1.1. These GTC govern your ("you", "your", or the "Customer") rights and obligations in connection with the use of the Services provided by CAPPROFX s.r.o., with its registered office at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, U.K, identification no.: 9461187.

1.2. By registering on the Website or, where registration is not required, not later than by your first use of the Services, you are entering into a contract with the Provider, the subject of which is the provision of the Services of your choice. The GTC form an integral part of such a contract and, by executing the contract with the Provider, you express your agreement to these GTC.

1.3. The Services are only intended for persons over the age of 18 residing in the country for which the Services are available. By registering on the Website, you confirm that you are over 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years of age, you may not use the Services. You undertake to access the Services solely from one of the countries for which the Services are available. You acknowledge that your access to and use of the Services may be restricted or prohibited by law in some countries, and you undertake to only access and use the Services in accordance with applicable laws.

1.4. The Provider shall not provide Services to Customer that: (i) is of nationality or is residing in Restricted Jurisdictions; (ii) is established or incorporated, or has a registered office in Restricted Jurisdictions; (iii) is subject to the relevant international sanctions; or (iv) has a criminal record related to financial crime or terrorism. Restricted Jurisdictions means countries determined as such by the Provider and published here on the Website. The Provider reserves the right to refuse, restrict or terminate the provision of any Services to Customer as per this Clause 1.4. and such Customer is prohibited to use the Services, which also includes the use of the Client Section and/or Trading Platform.

1.5. The Services consist of the provision of tools for simulated foreign exchange trading on the FOREX market or simulated trading with other instruments on other financial markets, provision of analytical tools, training and educational materials, the access to the Client Section, and other ancillary services, in particular through the Client Section or by the provision of access to applications provided by the Provider or third parties. Financial market information is used in the simulated trading; however, you acknowledge that any trading that you perform through the Services is not real. You also acknowledge that the funds provided to you for demo trading are fictitious and that you have no right to possess those fictitious funds beyond the scope of their use within the Services, and in particular that they may not be used for any actual trading and that you are not entitled to the payment of those funds. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, you will not be paid any remuneration or profits based on the results of your simulated trading, nor will you be required to pay any losses.

1.6. None of the services provided to you by the provider can be considered investment services in accordance with applicable laws. The provider does not give or provide to you any guidance, instructions, or information about how or in which manner you should perform transactions when using the services or otherwise, or any other similar information about the investment tools traded, nor does the provider accept any such guidance, instructions, or information from you. None of the services constitute investment advice or recommendations. No employees, staff, or representatives of the provider are authorized to provide investment advice or recommendations. Should any information or statement of any employee, staff, or representatives of the provider be interpreted as investment advice or recommendations, the provider explicitly disclaims that the same is investment advice or recommendations and shall not be responsible for them.

1.7. Your personal data is processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

1.8. The meaning of the definitions, expressions, and abbreviations used in these GTC can be found in clause 18.


2.1. You can order the Services through the Website by completing the appropriate registration or order form. After registration, we will e-mail you the login details for the Client Section and/or Trading Platform and allow you to access them.

2.2. The Services include, among other things, the Free Trial,CAPPROFX Champion, and Verification products; these products may differ in the scope of the Services provided (e.g., by analytical tools available to the Customer). With the Free Trial, you may use some of the Services within a limited scope and for a limited period free of charge. Completing the Free Trial does not entitle you to access any other Services.

2.3. All data that you provide to us through the registration or order form, the Client Section, or otherwise must be complete, true, and up to date. You must immediately notify us of any change in your data or update the data in your Client Section. The Customer is responsible for all the provided data being accurate and up to date; the Provider is not obligated to verify the data.

2.4. You acknowledge that if you provide an identification number, tax registration number or other similar information in the registration or order form or in the Client Section, or if you state that you are a legal entity, you will be considered as an entrepreneur (trader) for the purposes of these GTC and when using the Services, and the provisions of these GTC or the applicable law that grant rights to consumers will not apply to you.

2.5. The fee for the CAPPROFX Champion varies according to the option selected and depends on the amount of the initial capital, the degree of the acceptable risk, the parameters that must be fulfilled so that the conditions of the CAPPROFX Champion and the subsequent Verification are met, and possibly other configurations. More detailed information on individual options and fees for those options are provided on our Website here. The final fee will be determined based on the option you select when completing the form for ordering the CAPPROFX Champion. The Provider reserves the right to also provide the Services under individually agreed conditions. All individually agreed conditions shall be determined by the Provider at its own discretion. Individual discounts and other benefits may not be combined, unless expressly stipulated otherwise by the Provider.

2.6. The fee is paid for allowing you to access the CAPPROFX Champion, or the Services provided under the CAPPROFX Champion. The Customer is not entitled to a refund of the fee, for example, if the Customer cancels the Customer's Client Section or requests the cancellation by e-mail, if the Customer terminates the use of the Services prematurely (for example, fails to complete the CAPPROFX Champion or the Verification), fails to meet the conditions of the CAPPROFX Champion or the Verification, or violates these GTC.

2.7. If the Customer lodges an unjustifiable complaint regarding the paid fee or disputes the paid fee with the Customer's bank or payment service provider (e.g. through chargeback services, dispute services, or other similar services), on the basis of which an annulment, cancellation or refund of the fee or any part thereof is requested, the Provider is entitled, at its own discretion, to stop providing to the Customer any services and refuse any future provision of any services.

2.8. Your choice of the option of the CAPPROFX Champion that you select when making an order shall also apply to the subsequent Verification. You will start the subsequent Verification and, possibly, other products related thereto, with the parameters and the same currency that correspond to the option of the CAPPROFX Champion selected by you. Once you make a selection, it is not possible to change it.

If you are ordering a new CAPPROFX Champion, the restrictions specified in this clause 2.8 shall not apply.

Terms and Conditions for CHAMPION

1. The "10000% USD Welcome Deposit" promotion (It can be changed any time by the company policy) is held by CapproCapital.

2. The Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions is an integral part of the CapproCapital Business Terms and the Policies and provisions set herein are considered as an annex of all CapproCapital Business Terms and Policies.

3. CapproCapital reserves the right to change the terms of the promotion. Promotion may be offered by the Company from time to time to clients who open real trading accounts.

4. CapproCapital has the right to terminate the promotion at any time.

5. The Free Deposit Bonus is available in USD currency.

6. The bonus cannot be added to internal transfer deposits and to deposits from contests/promotions, etc. unless stated otherwise.

7. CapproCapital may reject a client's bonus application(s) at any time without prior notification or providing reasons for such a decision.

8. CapproCapital may cancel a client's bonus at any time without prior notification.

9. Any situation not described in these rules shall be subject to the Company's decision.

10. CapproCapital reserves the right to change, update or cancel this promotion with notification in the Company news.

11. The Free Deposit Bonus is available for new clients(Existing users cannot use this facility, in case the company finds out they have the right to withdraw the funds).

12. Arbitrage Trading strategies (Buy and Sell one or more systems using the arbitrage method) are not allowed, using the same IP address or multiple IP with hedge traders are not allowed.

13. If the trader wishes to withdraw the Profit amount at any time, the trader can withdraw, if the trader completes the following volume, 1 standard (1,00,000 units) volumes should complete within 10 days from the time of Deposit, then traders can withdraw the profit amount.

14. Arbitrage / HFT Trades (High-Frequency Trades), if it is less than 180 seconds, will not be considered as Real Trades, please do read the Trading Policy. If the orders are placed manually and closed within 180 seconds CapproCapital can consider up to the operation decision, whereas the robot High-Frequency trades won't process into Liquidity Bankers or order may vary in Liquidity Providers.